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334 | Sannam S4 Dry Red Chilli

Guntur Sannam or Capsicum annuum var. longum, is a type of chili pepper that grows in the districts of Guntur, Warangal, and Khammam in India. It is registered as one of the geographical indications of Andhra Pradesh.

Scoville scale: 25,000–30,000 SHU

Length: 8cm to 11cm without stem.

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Sannam Dried Red Chilli is one of the demanded varieties of red chilies and it is also known as 334. Sannam/S4, or Sannam Dried Red Chilli is produced by us on a very large scale. Out of 75% of the total Indian chilli crop, Sannam Dried Red Chilli is produced. The Sannam Dried Red Chilli is used in following

  • Red Chilies powder,
  • Curry powder
  • Chicken masala
  • Chat masala
  • Indian pickles
Style : Dried
Flavor : Medium spicy
Color : Red
Hotness : 25000-35000 SHU
Crop : Current Year
Quality : A/C Best
Origin : Andhra Pradesh
Moisture : 10%
Foreign material : 2% maximum
Loose Seeds : 3% maximum
Broken chilies : 5% maximum
Length : 8-11 cm
Breath : 1-1.5cm
Drying Process : Sun Dry

Best, Medium, Medium Best


With Stem, Without Stem

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