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Our range of Byadgi Dried Red Chilli is a famous variety of chilli. The business involving Byadgi Dried Red Chilli has the second largest turnover among all chilli varieties of India. An oil, Oleoresin extracted from Byadgi Dried Red Chilli is used in the preparation of nail polish and lipsticks. Byadgi Dried Red Chilli, that we offer, is also known for its deep red color and less spicy flavor. The Byadgi Dried Red Chilli is used in many food preparations in South India. We make available Byadgi Dried Red Chilli that has negligible capsaicin content, making it less pungent than other chilli varieties.

Style : Dried
Flavor : Less spicy
Color : 90 to 140 ASTA
Pungency (Heat) : 20000-30000 SHU
Appearance : Fully Wrinkled
Crop : Current Year
Quality : A/C Best
Origin : Andhra Pradesh
Moisture : 10%
Foreign material : 2% maximum
Crop : Current Year Crop and AC/Crop
Loose Seeds : 2% maximum
Broken chilies : 5% maximum
Length : 14-17 cm
Breath : 1-1.5 cm
Drying Process : Sun Dry

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