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Devanur Deluxe Chilli

Devanur Deluxe Red Chilli is also know as DD and is one of the most famous type of Chillies.

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Devanur Deluxe chilli – DD chilli is one of the Guntur chilli variety and it’s a hybrid type of traditional Byadagi chilli variety . It has a High market preference for powder, oleoresin ( Used for Lipstick & Nail polish ) and much preferred as an important ingredient on spice mixture. Devanur Deluxe DD chilli is thick red in colour and has more oil content than other varieties. Cayenne type with Semi-Wrinkled chillies, Long sized & High color value of ASTA.


General Character  – Long sized ( 12cms) , Semi-Wrinkled type with Medium Hot.
ASTA   color value – 90 – 180
Pungency –25,000 – 35,000 SHU
Capsaicin – Negligible



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